I’m not a pushy seller.I could sell natural remedies when people came to our health food shop (Hereford 1972 – 2004) to ask about a health problem,I would suggest specific herbal or other natural health treatments, Homeopathy, Acupuncture for example..

Occasionally, a new product launch such as Ginseng, got me excited with its potential, and I would try the product and if I felt that it did something, could enthuse excitedly about it in conversations & articles.

Recently,I’ve recognised one of those times.

CBD from hemp Seed has the potential to be one of the great natural health product.It is very much early days.Range of products and availability is patchy.The hold up is due to confusion.

The confusion is because cbd hemp is related to cannabis.It is the same plant species – cannabis Sativa – but has nil to negligible THC, the plant chemical which causes intoxicating highs.

Of course,just as with alcohol,many people, such as recreational cannabis users,and drug addicts, actively seek THC for it’s euphoric, spirit lifting,problem escaping,temporary effect.)

Many natural health product manufacturers are reluctant to enter the market until full legalisation of cannabis is passed to clear up the confusion existing in most countries.

So I’ve been trying cbd products that I can legally buy – cbd hemp Coffee & Chocolate. I rate both.The chocolate is delicious but I buy it as a treat occasionally, because it is expensive for me with the shipping costs.

But I’ve been drinking the cbd coffee regularly.

And I will continue doing so.Because for the last 5 or 6 weeks I’ve felt on a high.Crikey, I’m 93 for goodness sake,so something is going on! And No, it’s not an intoxicating high,as from too much alcohol,where the initial spirit lifting ‘uppers’exhilaration, is paid for later with a ‘downers’ hangover.

This is a level high,a steady feel good feeling, from when I wake in the morning,until I go to bed again.

I’m on my third pack since November. I do like it when mixed with my regular brew – a 1 teaspoon measure of each. I like strong coffee and the cbd hemp coffee is not strong enough for my taste.

I didn’t notice much happening at first, but did not expect to,because the formula is ground hemp seeds and coffee beans.At present, hemp seeds have only traces of cbd,so it is a steady accumulative build in the body.

But as you will see in the picture, plant scientists are researching and cultivating strains of the hemp plant with higher cbd levels in it’s leaves, flowers and seeds.

Now, hemp seeds have been a natural wonder health food for hundreds of years.They are nutritionally rich and balanced.They are a staple food ingredient for vegetarians.(Click here to read an article I wrote about them)

We did not publicise hemp seeds widely in the health shop at the time, because of their relationship to the cannabis plant,which was a big no no back then.

It is only recently, with the more favourable cannabis publicity, that plant scientists specifically looked for any of the cannabis medicinal compounds in it’s sister industrial hemp plant, and to cultivate a strain with enhanced cbd content and nil to negligible THC.See Picture.

Many use cbd to help with sleep.In fact,one of it’s side effect cautions for motorists is ‘Can make you Drowsy’ – Only take at bedtime.

And I notice when I have my morning cbd hemp coffee that I often go sleepy,and it is a pleasant sensation.Now coffee at bedtime is not usually recommended,and I do sleep well anyway.But in the interests of progress – I will let you know.

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